Get to Know Bishop Hadley

Bishop David A. Hadley, Sr. was born March 20, 1955 to Davis and Amanda Hadley.  He was married to Darlene Geronda Hadley on May 26, 1973.  Out of this marriage union were born four children: Michelle, David Jr., Diane and Monica.


As a child, Bishop Hadley had the word of promise spoken into his life.  Those words became life when he joined Bridgeton Miracle Revival Tabernacle (now known as Glory Tabernacle) in 1980.  Bishop Hadley desired a closer walk with the Lord, and he wanted more of God.  On March 20, 1982 (his 27th birthday), Bishop Hadley rededicated his life to the Lord and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit during a revival preached by Evangelist Anna Wiggins.  A message entitled “GOD KNOWS WHAT YOU NEED!”  This message changed his life and now he lives by those words.

Bishop Hadley humbled himself in the sight of the Lord and to his spiritual mentor the late Bishop Dr. Arvin James Hall Sr.  But there was more that God required of him.  He accepted his calling as a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and was licensed and ordained as a minister at Glory Tabernacle in June of 1995.  Having showed himself “faithful over a few things”, in July of 1997, he was elevated to the position of Ruling Elder.  He and his wife became the leaders of the counseling department for married couples.

Bishop Hadley loves serving God.  Because of his faithfulness and willingness to be taught, Bishop Hall was able to pour a wealth of knowledge into Bishop Hadley and named him his successor.  Because of his thirst for wisdom and knowledge, Bishop Hadley took numerous bible courses through the years.  He attended the Glory Tabernacle School of Ministry and also received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology from the International Christian University in June of 2003.


Bishop Hadley became officially installed as the Pastor of Glory Tabernacle on September 21, 2003.